Meet Brenna

Hi. I am Brenna aka the Frilly Farm Wife

I am a new wife, dog mom, photographer and blogger. I have a slight obsession with my dog, jewelry and little vintage trailers. 

I am from a single stoplight town in rural Oklahoma. I grew up on a farm and showed hogs throughout my 4-H and FFA days, which would explain the semi-small eclectic collection of anything pig related and my love for agriculture. 

My thoughts on this blog are as eclectic as my pig decor collection. 

{Christmas 2013
Some things you should note before reading any further ...

  1. I know every line to "Remember the Titans."
  2. I have a wonderful family and awesome set of friends.
  3. I have a weird love for VW Vans and Shasta Trailers. 
  4. I would wear boots all the time if I could get away with it. 
  5. I often have buyers remorse, but I love window shopping & believe in retail therapy.
  6. I love traveling and I want to go back to Chile, D.C. and Lake City. 
  7. I make a list for everything. 
  8. Making/giving gifts makes my heart real happy. 
  9. I am accident prone. For real. 
  10. I love photography, of course.
If you are stopping by for the first time or just passing through, welcome. Feel free to stop by anytime!  

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