Saturday, March 16, 2013

H54F-- Better Late Than Never Edition

 If you tend to side with the thought "better late than never," then we can definitely be friends. Because, this post is exactly that. This week there were some exciting things go one, so I had to share!

1. I finally made time to go pick up my cap, gown and hood for graduation. It was divine, even if my hood and tassel is an ugly tan. As long as it results in Master Brenna, then I am fine with it. Check out the tan tassel here. You won't be disappointed!

2. I got a question right in my jurisprudence class. So, I chalk that up was a win.

3. I have been sick since Tuesday, so I have been treating my cold and sore throat with Braum's chocolate shakes for each meal. I think I could really excel at an ice cream diet 24/7 or be a doctor. I can see either one being a hit.

4. It's SPRING BREAK! Hallelujah! Only 55 days until my time at SWOSU is over! :))

5. I started off spring break right with a little shopping in OKC with my BFF Karolyn! We are all set for our summer road trips with friends!

Friday, March 8, 2013

High Five For Friday!

This week highlights are rather exciting. Prepare yourself!

1. I finally got to go home last weekend for the first time in almost six weeks. Since I had missed Valentine's day, I got my card from my cute grandparents while I was there. My grandma told me to buy something good with my present. So, I did what any good granddaughter would do. I followed orders and purchased earrings. Thanks Pops and Grandma! If you are feeling adventurous you can see them here.

2. Monday morning at my weekly "start the week off right" coffee stop, the man in from of me purchased my coffee! I have never had that happen to me before! I was overwhelmed and flustered and didn't even think about paying for the person's coffee behind me! However, tomorrow on my way to the city, I am planning to stop for coffee and do the same. So excited about this!

3. My mom accidentally packed my brothers work keys in with my stuff this week when I was home. Therefore, brother bear came to visit me. And, he drove my jeep. Double win.

4. I visited my first laundry mat this week. It was rather exciting. You can see the photos from the inside here. It was fun.

5. I know I have been talking about this for a while, but today is finally the day! MIRANDA LAMBERT concert TONIGHT! I am so excited to spend some time with two of my favorite glitter pals and Miranda, of course. Oh, and Lee Brice and Dirks Bentley! Be prepared for an update next week!

 Hope you all had a wonderful week, too!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Don't Stop Believing

Sometimes you just need to believe and that is what this week was all about for me. Graduation is coming and I have no idea what I am going to be doing so thats where Mark 5:36 comes in. It pretty much says it all. So, I needed a friendly reminder of this verse so I decided to make a cover photo and iPhone background for myself and because I love sharing ... here they are! 

Peace and Love, 

Friday, March 1, 2013


I am barely not going to make the "Friday" mark, but I am determined to finish this.

1. This week started out with two snow days from work and school. What more could a girl ask for? See {Snow Day Fun} for evidence of all the fun!

2. Because of all the snow, my night class was also canceled on Wednesday night. Hooray! However, I still had to take a test online (but, I made an A) and I got to go to church too! Win-Win. Wednesday night was the season premier for Duck Dynasty ... naturally everyone wore camo.  It was awesome.

3. Thursday night was the blood rivalry basketball game against NWOSU. We won. Enough said.

4. Today, I realized that its only one week until the MIRANDA LAMBERT concert with two of my very best friends. I am so excited I can barely contain all my excitement!

5. HOME! Today, I got to come home for the first time in almost a month and a half. Cant wait to sleep in and hang out with my familia for a couple of days and hopefully see some home town friends too!