Friday, March 1, 2013


I am barely not going to make the "Friday" mark, but I am determined to finish this.

1. This week started out with two snow days from work and school. What more could a girl ask for? See {Snow Day Fun} for evidence of all the fun!

2. Because of all the snow, my night class was also canceled on Wednesday night. Hooray! However, I still had to take a test online (but, I made an A) and I got to go to church too! Win-Win. Wednesday night was the season premier for Duck Dynasty ... naturally everyone wore camo.  It was awesome.

3. Thursday night was the blood rivalry basketball game against NWOSU. We won. Enough said.

4. Today, I realized that its only one week until the MIRANDA LAMBERT concert with two of my very best friends. I am so excited I can barely contain all my excitement!

5. HOME! Today, I got to come home for the first time in almost a month and a half. Cant wait to sleep in and hang out with my familia for a couple of days and hopefully see some home town friends too!

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