Thursday, January 30, 2014

JK Style : Mixing Prints

I have mentioned this blog a couple of times before, but it is seriously one of my favorites.

Looking for fashion tips and ideas?? Well, this blog is for you!

Jamie of JK Style has some awesome things going on with her blog and last week she polled her Facebook fans and asked what are some topics we would like to see. Well, I love mixing prints and textures, but I am not good at knowing what matches or overall tips for how to complete an outfit without looking like a mis-matched fool girl.

Jamie put together a wonderful and informative tutorial and I hope you check it out!

You can even ask her your own questions, subscribe to her blog and enter her fun give-a-ways. I, myself, even won a pair of earrings in a recent give-a-way!

{P.S. Thanks for mentioning me in your blog post!}

Facebook : JK Style
Instagram: JKSTYLE1

Be well, blog friends! 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

DIY Valentine Cards

I will admit... I am not typically a fan of Valentine's day. Mainly because I think it is a little bit on the silly side, but then again ... if you are in "love" then I am sure it is a different story. ;)

Anyways, I digress ... this year I have had some time on my hands to work on new things. One of those new things was Valentine cards and I just so happen to have four really cute guinea pigs to try new things on! So, the guinea pigs and I set out this afternoon to take pictures for them to pass out to their classmates on Valentine day. 

I don't know who came up with this idea originally, but they are genius! I love the idea of adding a special touch and personalizing Valentine cards and this is by far more fun then a Ninja Turtle Valentine card! (Do they even still have those because they should!) Below are just a couple of the designs I have been working on for the guinea pigs, but there are tons of ideas on Pinterest! 

These are super simple to do for those DIY'ers out there. All you need is a semi-plain background and a smiling kid. Just snap a picture! If you don't have a computer program to add text, many online printing sites will let you edit photos straight from their website. Another option is to write directly on the photo with a permanent marker ... you could even add stickers or glitter! (Glitter is always a good option, in my opinion!) 

I couldn't find a mustache available for download, so I decided to draw my own! Feel free to use the one below if you need it! 

Happy (Early) Valentine's Day! 


Tyra is planning to put a sucker on her cards where it looks like she is holding it! 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's a GIRL!

The best part about being sick on a Tuesday (and Monday) is being able to catch up on some editing from the weekend! With that being said, check out this little cutie. I got to spend some time with him and his parents ... and their new addition ... a baby sister! I can tell he is excited and I think he is going to be a great big brother!  

I am planning to work on my bucket list this week... including a dinner date with a friend from high school and her baby! Meanwhile, this week it is suppose to be colder than normal ... so it looks like working on new designs for my ETSY shop is in order! Hope you have a wonderful and productive week!

Stay warm, blog friends!


Friday, January 17, 2014

High Five For Friday-- linking party

Well, it is approximately 11:50 p.m. so I have ten minutes to get this bad boy published so it is still considered a "Friday High Five!" Here we go, I can to this.

1. I spent a couple of days this week subbing at Minco Elementary, which happens to be where I went to school. This week was homecoming week and that means dress up days! Wednesday was "what not to wear" day and Thursday was "throwback" day! Wednesday was kinda hard to dress up for ... and people told me my outfit was cute. I was confused. But, Thursday was my favorite day! I dressed like a 2006 Cheerleader! I have to confess... it was kinda fun sporting my cheer shoes, cheer letter jacket and a big bow!

2. My dog is always a highlight of my week! Just love her 24/7 cuteness.

3. Spent an afternoon with this little cute to capture her first week of life! Miss Kodie is absolutely precious!

4. My little cousin, Kalie, plays on a basketball team for Grady County Athletes. She competed in the basketball skills contest this week and won a bonze medal! She was so proud of herself. I wish you could hear her talk about it! She tells the story so well!

5. I cut my hair last week and I am still obsessing about it! Sorry for the million post, but I love my haircut and I love to donate to Children With Hair Loss!

Hope you all had an awesome week, blog friends!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Now Open: ETSY Shop

I am so excited to announce that Frilly Farm Designs is now on ETSY! It has taken me a while to get everything organized, but we are finally up and running! More thing will be posted as we go, but there are a few things there now! If you have a specific request for an item, I can make a listing specifically for you with your items!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

"winter wONEderland"

Yesterday, I had the chance to photograph a sweet little ones birthday party. She turned one and her parents had the most awesome birthday for her. The theme was "winter wONEderland" and I must say it was just a cute as it could be! I had to share a few from the day, but just know the cake was as delicious as it looks!

This week I hope to tackle more things on my 2014 to-do list! I have four more to complete to keep on schedule for this month. I am hoping for a snow soon so I can mark off #37 or maybe I will start on #3.

Speaking of new things-- have you seen JK Style's blog? Head over there to check out her recap of the Golden Globes. If you like fashion and all things girly, then you will love her blog. Like her on Facebook too! There is always smoothing fun going on on her page!

Have a great week, blog friends!

Friday, January 10, 2014


Well, I finally did it. I marked the first thing off of my 2014 To-Do List!

My mom has always told me that I had enough hair for a few different people and she is right. I am not trying to brag here... it takes forever to dry and style. The best thing to remember is it is just hair. It will grow back.

I have been planning this since May 2012 and a couple of weeks ago I decided it was time for the hair to go! I was a little... or maybe a lot nervous to cut it off. I think I was more concerned with the amount of hair I was donating. To donate, the hair must be at least 8 inches long. However, I wanted to donate the most that I could, but also didn't want a super short bob either. Luckily, I had an awesome group of hair stylist that fixed me up. 

Donating is super easy. Just a few steps to follow: 

  • Hair should be at least 8 inches in length or longer is preferred.
  • Hair must be clean and dry, pony-tailed and/or braided (this keeps the hair in one direction).
  • Place rubberband or pony tail holder on each end.
  • Non-chemically treated hair is preferred (but any hair in good condition will be accepted).
  • Gray hair is accepted.
  • Place donation form and hair in ziplock bag and mail to Children with Hair Loss
  • Donors are given a certificate in appreciation for their kindness.
Connect with Children With Hair Loss ::
Like them on Facebook
Follow them on Twitter
Make a monetary donation

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I've been spending the last few days working on new stuff for my ETSY shop and my booth at Blossom Time Shops in Minco! {See below the things I have been working on!}

It's been quite chilly here and today it is drizzly so my photo session was canceled due to the clouds. However, I am so beyond excited for this shoot that will take place this weekend! A newborn and her parents are always a precious time! 

I think it's safe to say that apple cider is in my near future! Hope you are staying warm, blog friends! 


Sunday, January 5, 2014


I have seen many people post about their resolutions for 2014. I am not going to say I am not a fan of resolutions, but I have a tendency to forget about them from time to time... okay, most of the time. Like after January 15, I am no longer holding up my end of the deal.

I was chatting with a friend the other day and she mentioned she was doing a word for the year. Something to strive towards each day to make herself better. She decided on the word "valued." I thought about this my whole drive home and thought this was a pretty good idea. But, thinking of a word for the year was much harder than I had considered. It took me a few days after the Jan. 1 deadline to come up with something, but I have finally settled on two words. Before I reveal my awesome words, I have also decided to make a list of things to accomplish. I felt like making a list of 60  things (hopefully five for each month) would be a more realistic goal for me being as this is my first year to try something of this nature.

My words for this year are ... wait for it... "SPREAD JOY!" I follow @carolinegshops on IG and she does some awesome things every day to make people happy around her, which contributed into the words I picked for the year. I have several thoughts in my head of how I am going to accomplish this, but nothing concrete as of this moment. More deets to come!

So, now onto my list-- in no particular order--

  1. Donate my hair to Children With Hair Loss
  2. Get an awesome job! {Fingers crossed!}
  3. Read a book series
  4. Go to the movie theatre alone
  5. Go on a vacation
  6. Be a vegetarian for a month (I have done this twice before, but one more time can't hurt.)
  7. Print photos from my iPhone
  8. Try gluten-free foods
  9. Send handwritten cards to friends and family
  10. Go fishing (I love to fish, but never get to go!)
  11. Volunteer with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma
  12. Start growing my hair out to donate again
  13. Delete my personal Facebook for a month
  14. Dye my hair blonde again
  15. Eat at a new eating estbalishment 
  16. Run the Color Run
  17. Create a Christmas jar
  18. Take my little cousins for manicures
  19. Buy something big that isn't on sale
  20. Take a yoga class
  21. Visit Lin in Indiana 
  22. Go to a Red Hawks baseball game
  23. Participate in a bible study
  24. Eat dinner at a food truck
  25. Go to an OSU wrestling match
  26. Go to a craft show with my mom
  27. Volunteer with Pets and People
  28. Have a New Years Eve party
  29. Knit a scarf
  30. Buy a Shasta trailer
  31. Drive down Rt. 66
  32. Go to a pumpkin patch
  33. Go ice skating
  34. Take an Oklahoma day trip with friends
  35. Bake a cake
  36. See a musical
  37. Build a snowman
  38. Visit a cupcake shop
  39. Donate necessity items to The Children's Center in Bethany, Okla.
  40. Ride a ferris wheel
  41. Go swimming
  42. Visit a winery/vineyard
  43. Tie-dye something for fun
  44. Attend the Lavender Festival in Apache
  45. Pay more each month on my car than my payments
  46. Sell Frilly Farm Design items on ETSY
  47. Go to a drive-in movie
  48. Watch movies all day
  49. Christmas in New York
  50. Print and frame a photo I took for my house or office
  51. Shop at Ikea
  52. Have dinner with someone from high school
  53. Throw someone a surprise party
  54. Go on a train ride
  55. Sew a skirt
  56. Send out Christmas cards
  57. Meet the Pioneer Women at a book signing
  58. Own a Kate Spade purse
  59. Visit a Christmas light display
  60. Tweet 6,000 tweets
Well, that's it. There is my list. Don't worry ... you can be the first to find out when I accomplish these things by checking back here or follow me on IG or twitter {@brenna_davis} for a complete photo recap. 

Good Luck with your 2014 goals, resolutions, words and to-do list, blog friends. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Loyal and True-- My Heart Will Go On

Cowboys, OSU Cowboys that is, have always been and will always be my favorite. And, tonight that was no different. I have said it many times and I will say it again.. I didn't decide to go to OSU because of the athletics program and quite frankly if anyone chooses a school for that reason... Well, then they may need help. I choose my school for so many more reasons... And I am proud and happy to say I am a graduate of the state's university.

Honestly, it didn't matter if we would have won or lost tonight. Either way, I am still a proud alum. Either way, I am still going to wear orange tomorrow and I am still going to have that alumni sticker on my car come day break. I am still going to buy anything that is orange and still going to make plans to attend Homecoming 2014 with my friends.

My life as a Cowboy will go on and the pride I have in telling someone I graduated from Oklahoma State University will always go on, as well!

I didn't like the out come of this game either, but such is life and such is life as a college football fan.

Go Pokes!

Button Earrings from Frilly Farm Designs! :)