Friday, January 17, 2014

High Five For Friday-- linking party

Well, it is approximately 11:50 p.m. so I have ten minutes to get this bad boy published so it is still considered a "Friday High Five!" Here we go, I can to this.

1. I spent a couple of days this week subbing at Minco Elementary, which happens to be where I went to school. This week was homecoming week and that means dress up days! Wednesday was "what not to wear" day and Thursday was "throwback" day! Wednesday was kinda hard to dress up for ... and people told me my outfit was cute. I was confused. But, Thursday was my favorite day! I dressed like a 2006 Cheerleader! I have to confess... it was kinda fun sporting my cheer shoes, cheer letter jacket and a big bow!

2. My dog is always a highlight of my week! Just love her 24/7 cuteness.

3. Spent an afternoon with this little cute to capture her first week of life! Miss Kodie is absolutely precious!

4. My little cousin, Kalie, plays on a basketball team for Grady County Athletes. She competed in the basketball skills contest this week and won a bonze medal! She was so proud of herself. I wish you could hear her talk about it! She tells the story so well!

5. I cut my hair last week and I am still obsessing about it! Sorry for the million post, but I love my haircut and I love to donate to Children With Hair Loss!

Hope you all had an awesome week, blog friends!

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