Monday, December 28, 2015


I took these pictures a few months ago... he thought I was just taking them for funnies, but I was really taking them for part of his Christmas gift. 

See he bought a house and moved in May. The whole house is decorated to the T. I love it. However, his bedroom was the one room he wanted to decorate but never had. So, I had an idea back in October that he could use actual photos of his cows to decorate his bedroom vs. some random cows. So, I brought my camera+new zoom lens to grab a few pictures one afternoon of my sweet boy and his babes. 

I am not great at secrets and it took everything I had to plan this for almost 3 months without telling him what I was planning. I almost let it slip more times than I can count. haha 

This will be the main center piece of the gallery wall in a 16x20 frame. 

Snow Days: Adult Version

It is cold. Like really cold outside. Like ice on the ground, power poles leaning, water freezing cold.

The bank was without power today, so I luckily had a grown-up snow day. Yay.

My power had went out the day before, so I was already spending the night at my parents house. They also were without power, but have a generator so for the most part we were nice and toasty. I hadn't really planned to venture out unless I had to go to work, but my brother was going to feed/check cows and I couldn't resist going to take a few photos of his baby calves with cute little snow noses. We made quite a day of it. Leaving the house about 11 a.m. and finally returning about 4:30 p.m. So, here are a few of my snow day photo series of my day spent with my familia on ice.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

"She will not fail..."

Day-to-day life can be stressful. And, it is really really easy to get bogged down in the same routine over and over again. I struggle everyday to keep up. I am constantly behind on editing, my blog needs a face lift, my website isn't anywhere near finished and my roots are showing a good four inches. That is my short list. I won't even mention the shape of my bedroom because it literally looks like an Old Navy exploded in there. My dining room floor looks like a Santa's workshop with wrapping paper and gifts spread out and stacked anywhere there is a spare inch of floor (disclaimer-- my dining room is tiny tiny!) 

However, with all of that going on there is always a few constants in my life. One of those is my God. He is with me always. When I am weak, he is strong. When I have doubts, he is there. When I wonder if I can ever get caught up or can I make it, he assures me that I can and I will. He is my constant source of encouragement. I want my business to reflect people back to him. That is my main goal every new year. I think back to 2015 and wonder if I did that. Did I show God through my work? Was I a Christ-like example in my sessions so that they will see and know the love of God? I don't know. I try and try and hope that if at least one person saw it then my goal for 2015 was complete. 

I have my moments where I know I am not in control. And, I fail. I over promise results that I can't deliver. But with grace, I get by. I am not perfect and will never claim to be, but lucky for me I have a God that loves. 

2016 will come with all sorts of new trials, new goals, new accomplishments and new things. I still can't believe 2015 is almost over and more than that I can't believe it is time to start working on the 2016 goals list. But here we are and here we go. Ready or not!