Monday, December 28, 2015


I took these pictures a few months ago... he thought I was just taking them for funnies, but I was really taking them for part of his Christmas gift. 

See he bought a house and moved in May. The whole house is decorated to the T. I love it. However, his bedroom was the one room he wanted to decorate but never had. So, I had an idea back in October that he could use actual photos of his cows to decorate his bedroom vs. some random cows. So, I brought my camera+new zoom lens to grab a few pictures one afternoon of my sweet boy and his babes. 

I am not great at secrets and it took everything I had to plan this for almost 3 months without telling him what I was planning. I almost let it slip more times than I can count. haha 

This will be the main center piece of the gallery wall in a 16x20 frame. 

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