Monday, January 4, 2016

New Years.

New Years are always about resolutions. Loose weight, read more, save money, random acts of kindness, eat more tacos... All valid resolutions-- some I have even attempted myself. But this year for me, my resolutions are different. I won't be trying to do better. I will be doing better. See I could say I want to loose weight, but the real reason is I am going to Mexico in six months. Eeek. I am shooting my first Mexico wedding for two of my favorite clients. And, let's be honest. Sitting ocean side will be a lot more enjoyable if I don't feel the need to wear layers of clothing. So resolution? Meh. Not really. Life style change? Ehh. Kinda. Doing it for me? Absolutely. Because if you can't make yourself happy, then who can!! #letsgogirls 

I also want to be tan, have long brown hair and grow a few inches-- but I'll stick with loosing a few pounds first! 

Day1-- Success. Had a shake. Had some carrots. Had a few apple slices. A little protein. A little goodness. No caffeine. I got this. Maybe. 

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