Sunday, January 26, 2014

DIY Valentine Cards

I will admit... I am not typically a fan of Valentine's day. Mainly because I think it is a little bit on the silly side, but then again ... if you are in "love" then I am sure it is a different story. ;)

Anyways, I digress ... this year I have had some time on my hands to work on new things. One of those new things was Valentine cards and I just so happen to have four really cute guinea pigs to try new things on! So, the guinea pigs and I set out this afternoon to take pictures for them to pass out to their classmates on Valentine day. 

I don't know who came up with this idea originally, but they are genius! I love the idea of adding a special touch and personalizing Valentine cards and this is by far more fun then a Ninja Turtle Valentine card! (Do they even still have those because they should!) Below are just a couple of the designs I have been working on for the guinea pigs, but there are tons of ideas on Pinterest! 

These are super simple to do for those DIY'ers out there. All you need is a semi-plain background and a smiling kid. Just snap a picture! If you don't have a computer program to add text, many online printing sites will let you edit photos straight from their website. Another option is to write directly on the photo with a permanent marker ... you could even add stickers or glitter! (Glitter is always a good option, in my opinion!) 

I couldn't find a mustache available for download, so I decided to draw my own! Feel free to use the one below if you need it! 

Happy (Early) Valentine's Day! 


Tyra is planning to put a sucker on her cards where it looks like she is holding it! 

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