Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow Day Fun!

I love snow. I know that some find it annoying and I am not saying that I don't at times... especially when it becomes ice and when I fall down and hurt my shoulder, bruise the palm of my hand and skin my knee... but that is another story! Anyways, toady my neighbor and I ventured out to get some sunshine and make snowmen and snow angels, of course!

However, the snow was quite wet, so we opted to not make snow angels. Maybe next time!

We even tried to sneak attack snowball our other neighbor, but he wouldn't even come outside! Not even the huge snowman could entice him to come out! Dang. 

I call the little snowman, Sammy and the big one is Ken! 

If you got a snow day, I hope you enjoyed a couple days of rest. I know I have put mine to good use! Keep Warm and Be Safe!

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