Saturday, March 16, 2013

H54F-- Better Late Than Never Edition

 If you tend to side with the thought "better late than never," then we can definitely be friends. Because, this post is exactly that. This week there were some exciting things go one, so I had to share!

1. I finally made time to go pick up my cap, gown and hood for graduation. It was divine, even if my hood and tassel is an ugly tan. As long as it results in Master Brenna, then I am fine with it. Check out the tan tassel here. You won't be disappointed!

2. I got a question right in my jurisprudence class. So, I chalk that up was a win.

3. I have been sick since Tuesday, so I have been treating my cold and sore throat with Braum's chocolate shakes for each meal. I think I could really excel at an ice cream diet 24/7 or be a doctor. I can see either one being a hit.

4. It's SPRING BREAK! Hallelujah! Only 55 days until my time at SWOSU is over! :))

5. I started off spring break right with a little shopping in OKC with my BFF Karolyn! We are all set for our summer road trips with friends!

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  1. So, I'm reading this post from #H54F and I get to No. 3 and read the word "braums." This girl is in Oklahoma!! So am I!!! Of course, this is confirmed with the remaining 4 and 5. Happy to meet ya!

    Following ya on Twitter now. :)