Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Finally A Corner Desk

I love sitting at my desk. I do, I really do. However, it rarely (if ever) happens.  

This is partly because my dog hates me sitting at my desk. Seriously. She won't leave me alone if I am sitting in my desk chair with my feet propped up on my desk sipping hot chocolate. Every 5 seconds she jumps up on my lap and stares me down. It is only slightly annoying... and, slightly the most adorable thing ever. 

And, partly because my desk area was so boring. So blah. So not inspiring in any way not even the slightest. So, I resorted to sitting anywhere else but at my desk. Like where I am at this very moment...  my bedroom floor. (And, I have zero answer for why I decided to sit up camp here for the night!)

So, I took the first weekend in January to sit at my desk. See that was one of my "new year, new me" saga items that I wanted to resolve. Use that huge thing that sits in the corner taking up space and not use it for a catch all for items that I don't know what to do with. 

I cleaned that bad boy completely off. Yep, I put the tape measure back in the hall closet, put up my shoes, threw away the plastic bags, vacuumed up the mountians of glitter from Christmas craft projects, put the Christmas cards back in the cabinet because lets face it those are a little more than late and finally found that pesky lens cap that I thought I had lost back in October.

This desk is so much bigger than I remembered it being! For months, I had been planning on what I could do with the space above the desk. I toyed with the idea of huge canvases of photos I had taken or massive shelving, but decided to go with a more eclectic vibe. And, I really didn't know where to put some of the things I had been collecting hoarding for years if I didn't put them above my desk.

So, I pulled out every piece of decor I had down at my new place that I could find and started brainstorming. I don't think I am anywhere near done yet, (there are still things that need to be moved a little or added), but I am already loving it a little more everyday.

My brother got me the marquee arrow for Christmas last year and I hadn't even hung it anywhere until I moved to this house. The gold cross was actually a silver cross that I painted using metallic spray paint. I used it on the "B" and "D" letters too! If you love gold then you should really try this paint. It is awesome. I even used it on some of my Christmas tree ornaments, as well.

Most everything came from my beloved Hobby Lobby except for a few pieces that were given to me or I found at antique stores. The cameras on the shelf came from my grandmas and the one on the desk is my dad's that I can't wait to try out this fall! (I am a little scared of the film though!)

My desk reno has inspired me to work more on my bedroom too! I think that is why I set up shop in here tonight is because it is so cozy and warm. I did a little rearranging that made a ton of difference, not to mention my new cool metal arrow and marquee "B" letter! (I love arrows and the letter B if you haven't noticed!)

There is still plenty of work left to be done, but I think it is so important to have a work environment that is inspiring to you ---not to your neighbor, best friend or brother's best friend's cousin twice removed's dog-- to you. Whether you are a full-time employee or an at-home business owner figure out what inspires you and go for it. It could make all the difference in your work quality, work flow and productivity!

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