Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Most Perfect Valentine's Day Weekend

As Let's play a game. How about "Never Ever Have I..."

1. Never ever have I had a boyfriend for Valentine's Day! (Yes, I realize how old I am! ha) 

2. Never ever have I got flowers delivered at work. 

3. Never ever have I ate dinner at "Whiskey Cake."

4. Never ever have I been so surprised at one singe gift that I could barely contain myself. 

My sweet boyfriend totally surprised me this year and in a good way. He out did himself and now he will never be able to top any gift ever. Haha 

A few months ago I attended a workshop hosted by one of my most favorite photographers-- Sheradee Hurst-- and I went on about how she is my dream photographer for my wedding, etc. Well, apparently he was listening because he got me a couples photoshoot with the one and only, Sheradee!! Eeeek! 

All the details are a surprise and I know nothing about what's happening other than its in March and outside. So, I've been shopping my heart out trying to find us something to wear, making an hair appointment and shoe shopping (which is always a good idea!) 

I'm so excited to share the photos, but I will let you know when I know more details! Ha  

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