Monday, October 17, 2011


I am doing my best to enter the blogging world again. It has been a while. Almost a year, but I figured, I have so much free time on my hand these days (sarcasm) I might as well. This blog is formerly known as "Peace, Love and Extension," but I decide I wanted something a little more fun so I went with "Life Happenings in Rural America." I really, really wanted "Life Happenings in BFE," but I figured it wasnt very politically correct! Haha

So, I think my first blog back should be about my latest love interest ... Pinterest ... the best and worst thing ever invented.

Instead of Facebook, I pinterest.

A lot.

My pins include everything from green cleaning to crafts to hair tutorials. And, usually each night I find one tip, or craft or one tutorial that I just HAVE to try. Tonight, I went with The Small Things Blog messy side up-do. My hair was already curly, so I thought why not? And, I love it, by the way. I will definitely be doing it for something other than nights in front of the computer pinning. :)

Pinterest has given me so many wonderful, fun ideas for everything. And, it is an added bonus to be able to save everything right in one spot. When people ask me about pinterest, I am usually appalled that they haven’t heard of it. (It is just the best thing ever!)

The first week of October, I was asked to do a presentation to 4-H volunteers from the Southern Region. They asked it to be tied to the Home Environment 4-H Project. I knew immediately that pinterest could (and should) be tied into the presentation and was I right! The ladies in my workshop loved it and we spent over half of the workshop time playing on pinterest. It turned into more of a pinterest learning time than home environment learning time. Nevertheless, the ladies left with a new love for pinning and I left with a lot of new ideas. Every time the ladies would see a pin they liked, we discussed it and how it could be changed into something that would fit the home environment project.

Let this be a lesson to everyone, pinterest, in the right context, can be used for work purposes.

Tomorrow’s, craft night includes a ghost hair bow and packing for another conference.

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  1. Brenna, I thought your presentation was fantastic! Thank you for working so hard on it. I'll be happy to read your blog. . .here is mine:

    Have fun blogging! Lisa :-)