Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just call me Martha Stewart!

Since I have graduated, got a job, bought a house, I figure it is time to start something I have NEVER been very good at ... well, not that I am not good at it... but never had the need or want to be good at it.... and by "it", I am talking about COOKING! My grandma's are both excellent cooks as is my mom ... and when I try to cook old family recipes well, they just dont turn out tasting as good.

I decided it was time to contribute something to Christmas dinner. I made this decision for Thanksgiving dinner too.. but it just didnt work out! For Christmas, I made a cookies, cherry pie and a cherry cheesecake.

The cookies didnt make it until Christmas dinner. Two Cookie Monsters that live in the Davis Household got a hold of them!

The Cherry Pie turned out good and I even put little Christmas trees on top! My grandpa's both said it was quote "the best pie they ever had!" But, I feel like they were just being nice ... seeing as how they say that about everything I make! Love them! Nana gave me some advice to get the top to look ... to use her words "more golden" so the next one will be better!

This is the dessert that I make every Thanksgiving and Christmas. I say it is my specialty and there is really no cooking involved. Just melting some butter and mix everything and you are good to go!

For Christmas, I got tons of cooking and baking stuff... pans, rolling pin, flour sifter and even my very own apron! I was so excited! and tonight, I am going on my first solo enchilada making adventure! Michael and Red Pop are my test panel! The boys are coming over to watch the OSU Bowl game and to celebrate milestones in their life. Michael graduated from OSU a couple of weeks ago and Red Pop passed the OGET so he can student teach in the spring! We have a lot to celebrate and little do they know they are getting their very own cakes! :) Hope they dont read this before tonight!

I always thought that after you get married and become a mom, that cooking just comes sorta natural ... then you become a grandma and you get reallly good!

Hopefully, it will "come" to me sometime, but practice never hurt anyone! Good thing I learned from some of the best cooks around! :)

From my kitchen to yours... Have a wonderful Wednesday! :)

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