Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tiny, Sticky People

Two of my closest friends are having little, tiny, sticky people... Known to the rest of the world as, you guessed it... BABIES! It's not that I'm against children, I'm just against the sticky ones. But, that's a topic for another day.

Back to my friends, yesterday I hosted my very first baby shower. Tate Jaxon Hendrix will arrive in mid-August! The shower itself was a little thrown together, because Ms. Lori just found out she was expecting (who is also blogging about her experience!)

It was so much fun! We used books as a theme to go off of and I would say say it turned out awesome. My job keeps me pretty crazy during the summertime, but last week I managed to squeeze in time for a few crafts for my little Tater Tot! I made a few baby bow ties and chevron print! I also made a little sign that has a poem about lambs on it... However, I spelled his name wrong so don't pay too close attention to that! Sorry Tate! I'll fix it before you get here!

Next week, my best friend Cami and I are hosting a shower for our other best friends, Katy and Korey! We opted to do a casual cookout for this one so our male friends would come! And the best/worst part... It's at my house! Ahhhh I have so much to do and bonus... I am leaving Tuesday morning at 7 for a three-day campout with my teen 4-H members. We get back Thursday afternoon so if you are in the area... Feel free to drop over and do some cleaning! Hehe I'm planning to squeeze in some more crafts for Mr. Chisum John ... So we will see how that goes!

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