Monday, June 25, 2012

The Small Things!

My day started off in a very un-Monday morning like way. Basically meaning, I woke up on time. Early even! I made it halfway to work and remembered, I am not going to work today, I am going shopping for food for the teen retreat! Ugh. So much for getting to work on time on a Monday! Luckily, I hadn't made the turn at the Binger-Y yet, so I headed straight for Minco and spent a little while chatting with my Mom while she worked! (Note #1 small thing!)

After that I headed to meet my counterparts at her office... But then discovered that I could go to my all time favorite shopping establishment if I drove myself... So I headed for OKC and stopped by Hobby Lobby! (Note #2 small thing!)

I then met up with Jordan and Mindy... Had lunch and then headed to Sam's! While at HobLob, I picked up some clip-on earring backs for a craft project I am working on and on my way home I thought of several things these little clips will work on and I got very excited... Maybe a little too excited for something that cost less than $1! (Yep, got them on sale! Note Small Thing #3!)

I got home mowed my lawn, watered my lawn, done some laundry, picked up my house, packed my bags and even found time for a craft project! My door needed something new. Behold new wreath! Burlap, turquoise and coral... Three of my most favorite things!

Like I mentioned, we are leaving in the a.m. to float the river... I can't swim. Not even a little. It's safe to say I am a bit nervous. But, I already decided I will be in the raft with the food so the kids won't even dare knock their food over! Anyways, back to small thing #4, I was really wanting a water-proof bag to put my phone, camera, tshirt and hat in! I knew I had one somewhere but couldn't find it and when I did... I got soooo excited. Maybe too excited. Which is what inspired this blog topic! How is it that the littlest things can make me smile the most! Like finding something you had forgot about or running into a high school friend for maybe two minutes at HobLob!

From now on... I choose not to look at Monday's as a bad thing. Monday's mean something new and great things will happen with the right attitude... And even the smallest things will make you the happy on a Monday!

P.S. Have I mentioned that I'm sooooo excited to see my friends this weekend? Because I am! Can't wait! :)

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