Thursday, January 3, 2013

Resolution Woes

If you are like me, the word "resolution" scares me a bit and I fail miserably each time I attempt to actually do resolutions.

So, this year I came up with what I think is a better solution to my resolutions woes. Instead of going all year trying to remember all the resolutions I had set in January, I decided to do a monthly "to-do" list instead.

I am starting off January a bit easier, just to ease my way into it. Each month I will post my five "to-do" list items for that month. The best thing about this is that I can decide on my list at the beginning of the month and tailor it to the things I have coming up that month. For example, May will be finals week, so my list that month can be eat healthy, get lots of rest, study a certain amount of hours per class, etc. So here we go. January, please be nice to this novice "to-do'er!"

January To-Do List 

1. Print more pictures- most of the time I take all these pictures, upload them to Facebook, twitter and instagram and NEVER print them out. I used to have all kinds of fun photos hanging in my apartments at college, offices, etc. and now I have none. The same pictures have been in some of my frames since I was a junior at OSU. Yikes! That was a long time ago!

 2. Drink more water- Before I ended my career with extension, I was up to drinking almost 160 ounces of water a day (for those doing the math, thats eight 20oz bottles) and felt great! So, my new goals is to start drinking that much water each day again. It is a bit trickier since I won't have a Culligan man to bring me water or an ice machine in the next room, but I will manage. Thankfully, the gym has an awesome ice machine I can "borrow" ice from and there are handy water filter machines on campus to get good water! This is totally do-able, right?

3. Take more vitamins- This is self-explanatory. I don't take any as of right now, so this should change. I am accident prone too. Vitamins should be a must for me.

4. Make my bed every morning- I am living in a new (tiny) apartment for the rest of this semester and since the apartment is smaller than tiny, a messy bed makes a clean apartment look messy. So, my goal this month is to get in the habit of making my bed. I think it is probably just a good idea to get in the habit of anyways, but it won't be easy. You see, I am typically the girl that is getting up and leaving the house with the perfect amount of time to get to the office before I am late and now throwing bed making into the mix will be a bit of a challenge, but I can do it. (Getting around earlier probably should be on my goals list too, but maybe next month!)

5. Send cards to friends and family- Do you love getting mail as much as me? It is by far my most favorite thing except getting bills. That isn't fun. Anyways, my goal this month is to send cards via snail mail for any occasion or no occasion at all. No occasion cards are my favorite. It is nice to know someone is thinking of you!

So, there you have it... My January To-Do List. I think I will go work on number four right now and actually make my bed for the day ... Yes, I realize it is past noon and I have been out of bed for three hours and it still isn't made. However, in my defense I just started this to-do system and it is my lunch hour so a productive lunch hour is better than a non-productive lunch hour! :) 

Peace, love and I love to-do list,


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