Sunday, February 17, 2013

High Five for Friday

Two things:

A. This is my first "High Five for Friday" post, so bare with me. 

B. This is also my first "linking party," so again bare with me. 

I realize I am a little late posting this, but I wanted to give it a try nevertheless. 

For Valentine's week, my week went pretty great including a little trailer, new jewelry, sweet treats and an OSU Bedlam VICTORY! Yay!

1. Last week, I went to An Affair of the Heart with my mom and bought a little trailer. I have a love for vintage trailers. Hopefully, my next one will substantially larger and turquoise with pink curtains.

2. I was sick on Tuesday. However, it SNOWED and campus was closed at noon so it was a perfect day to be sick and stay inside and rest. I do wish I would have got to make snow angels, but hopefully this wasn't the last snow of the season! I don't think there is anything more beautiful than a fresh snow. I just love it!

3. Thursday came and went. For some it is also known as Valentine's day, but whatever! ;) My puppy, the frilly farm dog, event bought me a gift. How sweet and she knew exactly what I wanted! haha My mom and dad even sent me a little something to celebrate the day! Thanks Mom and Dad! 

4. This just happened today... But, my alma mater won bedlam basketball today! Such a great day to be a Cowboy! 

5. I entered my dog in a photography contest. Feel free to follow this link and like her photo! We would both greatly appreciate it! :)