Sunday, February 17, 2013

Jalapeños Grilled Cheese ... YUM!

This is not a sandwich for those of you that are faint at heart. Depending on the brand of jalapeños
 you use, this sandwich could bring quite the kick. But, delicious nevertheless. I found a similar recipe for this, but I adapted it because I am quite picky and didn't want mayo or anything crazy on my sandwich!

What you will need: 
Sliced Cheese
Cream Cheese

Step 1:
Grab a pan and butter one side of both pieces of bread. 

Step 2:
Spread the cream cheese on the other side of one piece of bread. 

Step 3:
Add a few jalapeños on top of the cream cheese. (I only put about four on mine, because I don't like super spice, but do as your little heart desires.) Be brave, but not too brave! :)

Step 4:
Add the sliced cheese on top of the jalapeños. (Disclaimer: This tends to be messy if you are a rookie cook like me!) 

Step 5: 
Start cookin'. (Just like a normal grilled cheese!) 

Step 6: 
That is it! Enjoy!

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