Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Hair Game

Like most girls, I have tried and tried and tried to grow out my hair... a few times I actually succeeded and a few times I failed ... miserably.

Last year, I made a commitment to grow out my hair and vowed to only cut it after I graduated with my Master's degree ... well, May (2013) came and went and I decided to keep my hair. Annnnnd now, I have decided that I made it this far I might as well keep going so I can donate it to a non-profit that can use it to make wigs.

My hair has been highlighted, dyed and damaged in any way imaginable ... so I found this non-profit organization that accepts hair that has been chemically treated ... as long as it is healthy they accept it.  Children With Hair Loss is an organization that gives hair replacement options to children diagnosed with diseases and families who may not be able to afford wigs for their children.

Soooo ... encouraged by Sports Illustrated's recent exposition of my beloved OSU Cowboys, I have decided to do a five part series on my hair, entailed "My Hair Game." This exposé will uncover the truths behind my hair growth including the "drugs" I took (meaning vitamins) , the money the products took and will ultimately finish with the "fallout" section (which in this scenario will relate to the actual hair cut when I decide its time!)

Stay tuned for the first of this five part series to be published soon. By the end of my series, I hope to have encouraged you to grow your hair out too for children with cancer. It is simple and easy to do and is something that can completely change a child's outlook on the world.

And, be sure to "like" Children With Hair Loss" on Facebook and follow "CHWL_org" on twitter.

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