Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Very DIY Christmas

This year, I tried my best to do a DIY Christmas gift for almost everyone. I didn't succeed on a few, but for the most part everyone got something that I made. I love giving DIY gifts for any occasion and I love getting DIY gifts! Here are a few things I came up with to give as gifts for friends, little cousins and brother!

I love hand stamping things even though I am not that good at it yet. My little cousins love things with their names on it... so that is just what they got! They were so excited about them! That is part of the reason I love giving things I make ... its so fun to see them excited over something that I created and something they know was made just for them and no one else! They are not perfect by any means, but it adds character in my opinion! haha I have a few more things that I am really excited about, but I haven't gave them to their new owners yet ... but, once I do I will post more pictures! 


Happy Day After Christmas, Friends! 
Stay warm and be safe! 

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