Thursday, December 12, 2013


Since opening Frilly Farm Designs, I have been meaning to update my blog more. However, that hasn't happened ... until yesterday that is.

I went to drop off an order to one of my oldest friends. Rachel and I have seriously been friends since birth and after a little encouragement from her (and her boss), I have decided to get back to blogging more consistently or I am going to try to do better at least! I can't promise you that my post will always be that interesting, because ... well, my life isn't always that interesting, but I promise to at least try to be entertaining.

{Disclaimer, there will be plenty of pictures of my dog and sunsets. Consider this your warning.}

In the spirit of Throwback Thursday, below you will find a true gem! This would be Rachel and I in 7th grade and our first year of basketball. Please, don't ask about our season. It wasn't pretty! ;)

I am working on getting an ETSY shop open for Frilly Farm Designs, but until then I will be periodically posting new designs and custom orders on here. You can also find more updates on the Facebook page and Instagram page: frillyfarmdesigns!

Rachel and I-- 7th Grade Basketball

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