Thursday, February 6, 2014

Coming Soon!

Since its a new month, I have been working on developing a few new things for the Frilly Farm Girl blog. I want to start posting on similar topics every week. Therefore, I have decided to have theme days! Some are typical and some are (hopefully) more original ideas!

I don't want to get too crazy, so I am only going to start out with a couple of theme days and add from there!

These days will be:
  • Turquoise Things Tuesday
  • Wordless Wednesdays (I adapted the name from last weeks "No Words Wednesdays," just FYI!)
  • Favorite Find Fridays
Two things to note: 
1. I love small business/shop local so a lot of the items will be things I find around Oklahoma, but I will tag where they can be purchased via their websites, social media, etc. 

2. I am cheap, so these items are going to be things within reason. My family calls me tight and tell me I took after my Great-Grandma. More on this later! 

I did one post last week as a trial run and it seemed to go well, so next week all days will be up and going! Pending the weather, I will hopefully be posting this weeks "Favorite Find Friday" post from An Affair of the Heart. Ekk fingers crossed!!

I hope this endeavor to challenges myself to find new, fun things to blog about and informational for the readers, as well. And, I think it will be super fun! 

All photos will also be posted on our social media sites. Check out @brenna_davis on twitter, @frillyfarmdesigns on IG and Filly Farm Designs on Facebook! 


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