Thursday, February 6, 2014

Brando's Snow Photo Shoot

My brother bear is a deputy for the GCSO. Last year, my brother was selected to be a K-9 handler. Therefore, Brando came into our lives. He is a Belgian Malinois. If you haven't heard of them, you are not alone ... I hadn't either!

They are kind of like a German Shepherd, but a little smaller. But, still as smart and sweet. Brando is 20-months-old and eligible for a grant that will give him a bullet proof vest. The grant application called for two photos. One with his handler in uniform and one of Brando "enjoying his day off." Since Brando's activities primarily include listening to nature sounds on the iPad to soothe his sleeping and tracking drugs, we had to get creative. Brando hails from Belgrade, Germany and since we currently have snow on the ground, I figured he might like some real playtime in the snow. My brother and I braved the frigid temps to get a few pictures of Brando "enjoying his day off" and I think he did indeed enjoy it!

After the photo shoot, we had to measure the ole boy for his vest. That was much easier said than done. Sewing tape measures can officially be added to the list of things Brando dislikes.

Cross your fingers Brando gets a grant! The grant he is applying for comes from Vested Interest in K-9's, Inc. Check them out on Facebook if you are interested in learning more or donating to the cause! They have many Groupon campaigns to help fund K-9's and their handlers with gear.

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