Friday, February 14, 2014

Let Love Guide Your Life

Valentine's Day ... Not my favorite holiday out there, but I have decided to embrace it anyways. I may think it is a little silly sometimes, but it could because I have never been in love either. In high school, I used to get flowers, candy, etc. from friends and family and today I was reminded how much I loved those days.

I picked up my little cousins from school this afternoon and all around were kids carrying flowers, balloons, candy, pop, etc. I guess I have never thought of it from a kids perspective, but as we drove home I heard one of the kiddos say it was cool that everyone in their class got something for Valentine's day. Sending a card or box of chocolates may seem like a small gesture, but it is truly the thought that counts. And, letting those little ones know you care can seriously make their day. Just listening to my cousins talk about what they got and who sent it to them was nearly a two hour conversation as they sampled all their goodies. 

So, yes this day is about "love," but I think as single twenty-somethings we often forget that you don't have to be "in love" to enjoy Valentine's day. Embrace all those 1800 friends who are going to post pictures of the flowers from the "best boyfriend ever" or (my favorite) the sappy post about how lucky they are to have found their "best friend." {Disclaimer-- I feel like I can say this because you can bet I will be posting the same things one of these day (Lord willing).} Be happy for those friends annnnnnd stay off social media if that is what your soul needs. 

So on this day remember God loves you. Always. Everyday .. no matter the date. Take some time to spoil yourself. Spoil your family. Spoil those sweet little cousins. Everyone needs to be reminded that they are loved ... even your pets. (Yep, Lucy is getting heart shaped homemade dog treats!)

Go out and embrace this day! And, bonus ... it is FRIDAY and the forecast looks awesome for tomorrow. 

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