Monday, February 17, 2014

Turquoise Tuesday: Pigs, Jewels and a Joke

It is 12:25 a.m. here ... which officially makes it Turquoise Tuesday-- one of my favorite days of the week. I did a lot of shopping last weekend (thanks to Lori Jo) and consequently I found some awesome turquoise finds.

Lets start with this little guy. I found him at Hobby Lobby for 40% off! I was ecstatic as I usually always am when I find a good deal. It is a pig that is turquoise that is on sale-- I have to get it. And, I did. I think he will look nicely on my desk (pending a successful job search) and a combination of two of my favorite things is something a girl just can't pass up.

They have more colors of these little guys... I think a yellow one is calling my name. He will match my bedroom colors, which means I probably need it and soon.

During my shopping weekend extravaganza, I stopped by Dustee's. Talk about a happy heart. I love it there. It is my happy place.

I went in to browse and surprisingly I didn't buy a thing. That never happens. However, I did find some awesome turquoise necklaces. Some are more mint colored, but we are throwing them in here anyways. I have mentioned Dustee's before, but I will again. If you haven't been there or haven't stopped by lately, you definitely should. I love a good statement necklace and Dustee's has a million different styles and a million different colors for affordable prices. Okay, so not a million, but a lot. Most range from $9.99- $15.99. I am not a huge name brand kind of gal when it comes to clothes and jewelry, so Dustee's is my kind of place.

And, lastly... this has nothing to to with turquoise or Tuesday, but sometimes it good to have a laugh ... and this makes me laugh every time I look at it! 

Have a wonderful Turquoise Tuesday! 


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