Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Turquoise Tuesday

Today is the first real post of the new things that are coming. Turquoise Tuesday is one I have been looking forward too since I decided on this theme for Tuesday's. I know a couple of others who feature something like this on their blog and I thought it was brilliant.

On this TT, I thought I would share some of my favorite things that are in fact ... turquoise! I love all turquoise. I get it from my great-grandma and my grandma. In fact, I loved it so much as a child I had turquoise jeans and a turquoise Eskimo Joe's tshirt. If I knew where that picture was I would totally share.

images via camillestyles.wordpress.com & google 
Anyways, back to the TT topic at hand. I am a lover of all things hippie-ish. Like VW Vans, of course. This is my dream ... well, either this or a vintage shasta. Actually, the trailer is the real dream. I search the internet almost daily looking for a trailer similar to this one. I have a great idea for it ... it's a business expense obviously. And, it would just be cool to have one. One day ... I will and I hope it is sooner rather than later!

jewelry dish via frilly farm designs
Most of my jewelry ... okay, nearly all of my jewelry is turquoise. There is just something about turquoise that calls my heart. Probably goes back to my grandma's. Yes, lets blame it on them. These little beauties are from Chile. I went there after I graduated from Oklahoma State. While shopping in an open market, I found these and just had to have them. I hardly ever wear them because I am afraid I am going to lose them. Chile is known for their turquoise, which made it all the more reason I needed them. I can't even tell you how much they cost, because I never really understood the money exchange rate. I had blonde hair then! ;)
I absolutely love this necklace. I bought mine from Magnolia Lane Boutique in Mustang, Okla. Statement necklaces are one of my new favorite things, so be prepared for more post about them. This is a J.Crew look-alike and is less than $13. A steal if you ask me. 

Thanks for joining the first edition of Turquoise Tuesday. Come back anytime. 

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