Saturday, March 1, 2014


Apparently my mind took a break from blogging this week because I didn't post a thing allll week! I can't actually be sure that my "weekly" post even crossed my mind until today when I was driving home.

However, I am happy to report a few new happenings from this week including:

  • b.davis photography and design blog (Yay! Finally)
  • b.davis photography and design flickr account (I haven't figured out what it is, but I am still working on it!)
  • Approved to be a network photographer for "Welcome Them Home" (post on this coming soon)
  • business cards for Frilly Farm Designs arrived
  • b.davis photography is getting new business cards

Frilly Farm Girl will be back in action starting Monday with new updates including a cute baby, a sweet 16 birthday party and a one really really cute puppy.

The weather here looks a little dreary for today, so I am going to be knocking some editing out and completing a few Frilly Farm Design orders. And, drinking something warm, obviously.

Enjoy the weather no matter what kind you are having right now. If it is sunny where you are... spend some time outside. If it is cold where you are ... spend some time cuddled in your happy place. Just enjoy the moment(s) you have-- you only live this day once!

Be well, blog friends!

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