Saturday, July 21, 2012

Baby Baby Baby, Oh ...

Another couple of weekends have went by and with that brings more baby showers.
Liz and Paul are expecting not just one tiny, sticky human, but TWO tiny, sticky humans. I am overly excited for them and absolutely can't wait for Hadley and Hailey to make their grand entrance into the world.
A baby shower in the life of Brenna of course means crafts. I try to create one new craft per baby shower. So for this baby shower, I decided to create baby tutu's. No, it is not a new craft idea, but one that I had never attempted before.

 First step, search pinterest, of course. Second step, call Mom. She knows everything. Pinterest was little help on this craft, but Mom did not disappoint and she even sewed the bows on 20 minutes before the shower. Confession. I didn't even start one of the tutu's until the morning of the shower. What was I thinking. 
Gifts for twins. Diaper babies, Ranger headbands, OSU headbands and OSU Tutu. I also got them an OSU onesie and black and white socks to go with their OSU tutu's! 

Thanks for the photo Kendra! :) 
Elizabeth and I at her shower. 
The last of the baby showers was for little Baby Harper and Nicole. I went to high school with Nicole and was so excited when I was asked to be a hostess for such an event. We had a lot of fun at the shower and even better I had another reason to do crafts. Harpers "new" craft idea was her initial sign. I admit it is a little like Tate's sign, but a little different. A little bit more girly and a little bit more colorful! She also got a tutu, but I decided that since her mommy and daddy are OU fans, I would be nice and do them and do it red and white ... with a big bow to match!

Bows, headbands, diaper cake and babies and name sign. 

Nicole and I at the shower. 
This pretty much sums up my summer of baby showers. Thank goodness. I need time to replenish my craft ideas so I can be ready for the next go around.
Congrats to all my new mommy and mommy-to-be friends. I am so excited to meet all of your precious babies! 

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