Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sleepless in Seattle... I mean Hinton!

I, like most people, sort of dread Monday mornings. You know the weekend fun is over and that it's just going to be another manic Monday. For me, it's usually because there were things I should have done last week, but of course put off until the last minute. Like homework which is due at 2 p.m. tomorrow and have I started yet? Actually, that's a yes, but it's only a small part considering all that has to be done! But, anyways, seeing as I have so much to do tomorrow it's only logical that I can't fall asleep tonight to save my soul. I have played on pinterest, played games, "caught up on my friends" Facebook life and even counted pig (I refuse to count sheep. Gross. Sorry Lori and Shae. :) haha) and I still can't fall asleep!

Tomorrow is a big day in my life! Look for an announcement coming soon!

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