Sunday, July 1, 2012

Oh, Boy!

Like I have mentioned in several post now, there are babies being born all around me! On Saturday, June 30, my high school friend, Jesse, had a baby girl, Little Miss Zaylie Nicole. And, I have to say ... She is precious! I can't wait to meet her and visit Jesse. I had the privilege of taking Jesse's maternity pictures just a week before Zaylie arrived! Good thing we did it when we did, Jess! 

Here are a couple of my favorites from her shoot! 

Also on Saturday, my best friend, Cami, and I hosted a baby shower for our friends, Katy and Korey, soon to be proud parents of Little Mister Chisum. It was such a great time and I personally loved everyone getting together again! We don't get many chances to just hang out anymore, so Katy having a baby is a great excuse. Cami and I had a blast decorating for the shower. However, I am not sure Brody loved it as much seeing as how he had to climb on chairs to hang things and carry all the heavy stuff. But, thanks anyways, Brod! 

We decided to go with yellow, greens and turquoise for the shower colors and of course had to add in some burlap. A party just isn't a party without some burlap... or thats my opinion anyways. 

I even got my bangs cut on my back porch thanks to my bestest, Kari! And, to be honest... this is about the most normal place she has cut my hair yet! haha

The cookout/shower with friends was a success and I absolutely can't wait for Baby Chisum to get here! We all took bets on what day he would arrive. Katy isn't due until August 15, but I am pulling for Aug. 7th, soooo Baby Chisum remember that Auntie Brenna loves you and make sure you come on my day! ;) 

There is a baby in there! 

Crafts made:
Diaper Cake and Diaper Babies- Tutorials found here and here. There actually isn't a tutorial for the diaper babies, but this is where I got the idea. 

Bow Ties- Tutorial found here. I used the majority of this tutorial to make mine, but made a few minor adjustments here and there to make it easier for myself!  

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