Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DIY Gifts- Part 1

So, since it was my last day with Extension, I wanted to make my co-workers a little gift thanking them for all they have done for me this last two years!

I thought about this for a while and finally the night before my last day I thought about something I had seen on... you guessed it ... Pinterest!

I decided on a DIY sugar scrub. So, I gathered sugar and hand soap and started mixing! In just a few minutes, the gifts were done, which was great seeing as it was at least 1 a.m. at this point!

I decided to mix enough for each jar in a large bowl. I estimated about one cup per jar (I used the smallest mason jars) and then filled the jars after the scrub was mixed.

There is no "specific" amount of soap to add, so add just enough to make a light paste.

And, then decorate them however you would like! This was the best decorations I could come up with at 1 a.m., but there are a ton of different things you can do to decorate these little gems!

Today, I stopped by the Etc. Shop in Weatherford and found Mason Jars for 20 cents. Talk about excited! I bought three for the next time I need a last minute gift idea! :)

I also bought an old wooden breadbox and a lace table runner. All for $5! Just one reason I love thrift stores!

Happy DIY'ing!

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