Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ketchup- Part 1

I typically find myself taking pictures of random events and saying "I am going to blog about this" and actually never do ... It is a curse really. Therefore, this blog is dedicated to playing "ketchup" from everything I said I was going to blog about to things that might be left better alone. Hold on, this is going to be a nail biter.

First, let’s talk about Halloween. Nothing cool happened. Thankfully the cool kids in town opted not to egg, toilet paper or any of those other juvenile things that I, myself have never done before.

Disclaimer: The one time we did toilet paper someone, it was my friends Uncle's house and we had permission. The egging portion of this statement is dedicated to the sophomore class of 2005. Gotcha!

The last home football game of the season was probably my favorite game of the year. I missed a lot of games due to my work schedule for SWOSU and this was one of the few games of the year I got to spend with all my friends. Jess, Cami, Brody and I started out sitting together and right before the game started, Karolyn came up to sit by some other friends, not knowing we were sitting right next to her.


Spending time with my friends is by far one of my most favorite things and I am so blessed to have the group of friends that I do. I am so thankful that I was chosen to be in the Freshmen in Transition program way back when. If it wasn’t for FIT, I wouldn’t have the group of friends I do today. Love you all! :)

Okay, moving on.

I had a really bad stye on my eye for about a week, but I will spare all the details. It wasn’t pretty.

Thanksgiving is one of my most favorite holidays because it means that Christmas is coming and it is finally appropriate to start decorating for Christmas. :) But, before I rush into Christmas, I got to spend time with my family and had a nice break from school. My favorite part of Thanksgiving day was taking family photos for my cousins. My baby cousins are the cutest things ever. Seriously, see photos below.


Next, was the Minco Honey Festival. What a day. I decided to have my own booth at the craft festival this year. I am still in the air about whether this was a good decision or not. While it was a lot of fun, it was tiring and a bit stressful. But, fun nevertheless. Especially when Baby Tate came by to visit me. He loves his Auntie B. Just ask him! Note: Even his bib says "I love Auntie!"


It took a few days to recover from the Honey Festival and then I decided to go ahead with Christmas decorations. I decorated the inside first of course and then tackled the outside. I typically don’t do lights outside for the simple fact that I am a girl and haven’t conquered that part of homeownership yet, but this year I wrapped the porch in white and pink lights. It looks cute and fun, although I only remembered to turn them on about four times all month.



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