Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bows and Button Earrings

Today, Lucy and I ventured out to take a few Christmas pictures in the ice. However, Lucy is not the best dog to photograph. Sometimes you can trick her into looking at the camera by saying "Papa and Nana" or meowing like a cat... But, not today of course. She wouldn't look no matter what noises her Gma was making. We only took a few because Lucy was starting to shake and I must admit ... it was quite cold out there! Tomorrow we shall try again ... But, here are a couple that at least showcase a couple of the things I make and sell!

The bow is very multi-purpose ... could be used like shown here as a dog collar accessory ... or a hair bow for adults or little ones or a bow tie for a baby or toddler!

Button earrings are quickly becoming a new fad ... And, I am a fan. It took me a little while to jump on board, but how fun are these. You can easily match them to anything ... as in my case, I made them to match Lucy's bow. Our outfits are changing slightly tomorrow and so are my button earrings! :)

If you would like to check out these button earrings for yourself... just search Frilly Farm Designs on Facebook and there are many to choose from! If you don't see a fabric you love, just message me ... I am sure we can come up with something awesome!

See what I mean about not looking? This is mild compared to what it is normally like...
Normally she is yawning or has her eyes shut. 

Almost there! 

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